Our Story

I'm often asked, "Sophia, where did you come up with the idea for myEAcoach?"

Executive Assistants (EAs) face a million challenges every day, heck every hour – but, for me, it was rising up above one particular challenge that sparked my greatest idea.

Where It All Began

I stared at the President in shock. After only three months as his EA, he turned to me and uttered those fateful words, “Sophia, we’re cutting you loose.”

I had revealed a truth about his Vice President (VP), and friend of 25 years, he couldn’t face – that every time he was away from the office, his VP would speak ill of him and undermine his abilities. I remember debating whether I should tell him. What do I say? Is it my place? What’s the right thing to do? I didn’t have the answers or even know where to find them, and I didn’t have anyone to turn to for help. I was trapped and confused; I felt alone.

In spite of feeling devastated by the result, I managed to overcome my fears and partnered with an executive who provided an engaging and supportive environment. I now had powerful strategies, incredible mentors, and an actual real-life network – giving me the tools I needed to make decisions with confidence. I felt I had to do something to help other EAs. To provide them with all the advantages I now had. That’s when I made my most important decision to date, I founded myEAcoach.

How myEAcoach Works

EAs are by our very role an extension of the executive branch and, as such, we must conduct ourselves in a professional manner both inside and outside of the office. We must always maintain discretion, speak of the company in a positive light, while often having to work alone to find solutions. More than almost any other career, this unique and demanding set of responsibilities puts us in a “bubble” where we feel isolated, but it doesn’t have to.

Once you understand that as EAs we are in the same bubble, it becomes a powerful tool. That’s because only we truly understand the distinctive challenges of our role. So, when we unite as a network, we can own our voice, rise with the role, lift each other up, and even add a bit of sparkle along the way.

myEAcoach is designed to be a reliable and supportive network for executive assistants who support top executives, across multiple industries. We create and offer engaging content, full of tools and strategies to help navigate career paths and cultivate relationships so we can build a unique career, brilliantly tailored to our individual desires.

With an emphasis on professional development, we focus on three key pillars of success: leadership, mentorship, and partnership.

  • Leadership: Through education tailored to the demands of the job, we empower one another to become more valuable to our company and the executives we support.
  • Mentorship: We offer a positive and constructive culture to help build our confidence, encourage us to use our voice, and, most importantly, know our worth. And we’re worth a lot!
  • Partnership: We host meaningful events, educational seminars, and effective networking opportunities to help build strong relationships with our peers, vendors, and executives.

Through our network, we will empower, inspire, innovate, and guide one another. When we come together, learn together, support each other – we can do anything.

Sophia Denton, myEAcoach Founder & Chief Visionary