Our Network

At the Heart of myEAcoach is Our Extraordinary Network

Dedicated to building powerful partnerships with those who we support, our network of close to 1000 executive assistants (EAs) and growing, offers years of experience managing top executives across multiple industries including, but not limited to media, finance, entertainment, marketing and advertising, mining technology, education, government, pharmaceutical, consumer product goods, and non-profit – you could say we run our town!

As the perfect blend of architects of order, trusted confidants, decision-makers, leaders and heck, all-round rock stars, we are not only committed to the success of our executives, but also to the success of our peers. That’s why we’ve created a synergetic and safe environment where we connect, discover and empower one another. 

Together, we explore, uncover, and design innovative strategies and solutions to help us overcome difficult challenges, identify where change is needed, and find our voice to inspire change. We celebrate our achievements and the role as it continues to grow and evolve while bringing more value to our executives, companies, and ultimately our own careers.