Tina Do

I am the first generation from my family to be born and raised in Canada.  I am a proud daughter, a good friend and an excellent Executive Assistant.  I have been working within the Store Operations department at Harry Rosen Inc. for over 8 years and currently assist two Executive Vice Presidents in their day to day demands.  I also participate in several company committees such as our Health & Safety Committee, I am the Fire Warden for our office, I am very involved in our Women’s Wear Committee and I recently was nominated to Chairman of our Christmas Committee.

I love my career and the profession that I chose.  I am extremely passionate about the various roles that I play within my extracurricular committee activities.  I find the most satisfaction in my work when I can help the ones that I care about, get through their work day with more ease and confidence.  I also take a lot of pride in the annual corporate events and Management Conferences that I plan for our Managers and Executive Committee.  There is a great amount of precision and preparation required to execute a successful event or conference.  I know that I have done well in this area of expertise.  I feel that after almost 10 years at this company, I have proven myself to be a valuable contributor.


  1. How do you lead by example?
  2. I believe in building and nurturing a strong office community. By always being kind to one another you’re able to create a safe environment for your colleagues where they feel that they can come to you for anything and you can in turn approach them with anything you might need. The best way to lead by example is…just be kind!


  1. How do you build strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders?
  2. This may not exactly be about stakeholders, I don’t typically deal with them. Whenever I have a big corporate event to put together, the first thing I do when I arrive at the venue is personally introduce myself to every single staff member and I always remember their names! That is key. It doesn’t matter if they are the owner, head chef, or the bus boy.  Everyone has their role in the evening and I find that when you treat people with respect and care, they will always go the extra mile to make your evening seamless.  I have made and built great contacts and relationships through this way of thinking.


  1. Why is individual branding important?
  2. You have to speak up and stand out if you’re going to be heard and more importantly, recognized. I am passionate, fair and love to motivate others to push their limits. This is how my colleagues know me. This is how I stand out and I believe that is why people want to work with me and continue to support my ideas and career growth.


  1. Share a best practice that you feel other EAs would benefit from adopting?
  2. I think the greatest thing that I learned from the myEAcoach event was that we need to help one another, support each other and build a community that allows this to happen. The myEAcoach platform will be poignant in building and strengthening relationships amongst the professionals in our field. So the practice that I think would benefit us all…is just to be vulnerable to what doors we can open for each other. I have definitely since let my guard down with other EA’s in my office and have been pleasantly surprised about how much we have in common, all the same struggles we endure and how we can work together instead of against.