Cheryl Brightman

I am Cheryl! 

When I see you, I see love.   I’ve been this way my whole life.  Yet I didn’t see me or my life as love for a while.  Even now, the loving view of me is sometimes obstructed and limited.

When you see yourself and your life do you see love?   All love?  If yes, then let us reflect it more.   If no, then let us lighten you and your life up so you are clearly able to see yourself and your life all in love.

If there is anything blocking that loving view for you, on any level, we will uncover it together and open you up to the beautiful view of you to be seen and reflected in life.

After three full years of training, in 2000, I became a certified Akashic Record Consultant and Teacher brought this training to Canada.   I am a facilitator, speaker and author on the Akashic Records and Leadership for Life.  In 2011, I became certified as a New Life Story Coach through MentorPath.  In 2012 I became certified as a Life Coach through CTA.  I continue to learn, grow and love as much as I am able to.  Combined with my Executive Assistant and Event Manager career for years, I understand you on many levels.

If you want to love your life, I am the person for you!

The question I am most asked is: “how long have you been doing this?”.  The answer I inevitably receive is “forever “.  I then smile and say “I officially started in 2000. 

Love you.