Growth is Key – and We're Here to Help You Soar

Our REAL TALK. REAL SOLUTIONS. (RTRS) meetups are designed to cultivate relationships and support our peers’ growth and overall professional development. In addition to our meetups, we are proud to announce that our team of mentors and professional coaches are hard at work developing a structured coaching program that will provide us with the foundation needed to improve mental clarity, build confidence and together achieve our goals.

Hold tight! Soon you will be invited to join us as we help one another uncover barriers and work together to break them.


22 Feb

At our first RTRS mentoring meetup, participants heard from four of our amazing mentors who have learned how to: develop successful partnerships with their executives; overcome bullying in the office; and handle an overly assertive and/or aggressive executive. Their incredible stories not only provided participants with valuable insights, but with actual SOLUTIONS!

Stay tuned! We will announce the next RTRS meetup soon.


Meet Our Mentors

Anjoo Joshi

EA Experience: 25+ Years

Ashvani Gowan

EA Experience: 20 Years

Chandra Severin

EA Experience: 9 Years

Cindy Moeser

EA Experience: 12 Years

Efia Ector

EA Experience: 10 Years

Jackie Monahan

EA Experience: 30+ Years

Aneeta Pathak

EA Experience: 30 Years

Maritza Ge Columbie

EA Experience: 20+ Years

Minerva Rudman

EA Experience: 6 Years

Tina Do

EA Experience: 8 Years